** Not shipping chocolate products due to warm temperatures (caramels are fine) **


Finding fun, thoughtful gifts is tricky!

Fewer and fewer people are satisfied receiving run-of-the-mill gifts, even in a professional setting. But, thoughtful gifts can be hard to come by!

At Red Kite Candy, we're a family business that handcrafts fresh, tasteful candy with personal touches, so you can give your clients and employees meaningful gifts that will make them feel truly appreciated.


under $10

Gifts in this collection cost less than $10/unit. Perfect for candy bowls, little favors, or to be paired with other gifts.

Party Size Caramels
2-pc Caramel Baguette Bag
Little Caramel Bag
Caramel Gift Box (small)

$10 - $38

These best-selling items are the best choice for individuals or small teams of 2-3.

Caramel Gift Box
Caramel Bag
Toffee Gift Box


These gifts are meant to impress! Great for individuals or small offices.

Caramel Sampler
Gift Basket
Tote with Candy


Customize your candy or packaging for something even more meaningful!

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