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About Us

Thoughtful candy for thoughtful people.

We're a family business that helps people experience fresh, delicious candy that soars beyond the ordinary.

We'd love to introduce you to the irresistibly delicious results of candy handcrafted without any junk or shortcuts—just premium, natural ingredients and the patience of slow-cooking to perfection.

Our candy hits the sweet spot of exceptional quality and charm so you can enjoy and present something extraordinary in all the right ways. A great place to start is our bestseller: Sea Salt Caramels. They’re known to convert caramel skeptics into fans!

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Elaine McCabe Flying Kite Ohio
Ohio, 1971.

On a blustery spring day under a full blue sky, a red kite sped out toward the clouds. Our young founder Elaine watched eagerly as her older brother showed her how to fly a kite. Finally taking hold of the spool herself, she felt a rush of excitement. The kite soared higher and higher up into the air until she stopped it, holding on to the kite, and her excitement. She stood there for a time, carefree, never wanting to let go. And so we got our name, Red Kite Candy.