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About Us

The seriously good candy that isn't too serious.

We believe in turning the ordinary into something special. Our fresh, delicious candy helps you stop to enjoy the little things that bring joy and pleasure in life. 

We'd love to introduce you to the irresistible results of candy handcrafted without any junk or shortcuts—just premium, natural ingredients and the patience of slow-cooking to perfection.

A great place to start is our bestseller: Sea Salt Caramels. They’re known to convert caramel skeptics into fans! 

Elaine McCabe Flying Kite Ohio
Elaine with the original red kite. Ohio, 1971.

Red Kite Candy was founded in 2009 by a woman named Elaine, who had a candy making hobby for many years. After going into remission from breast cancer, she took her new courage and decided to see how far she could go creating her own business--while staying true to herself along the way.