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Suppliers & Ingredients

Featured Supplier: Kimball Brook Farm

Our Founder, Elaine McCabe, and Kimball Brook co-owner Cheryl DeVos met years back when Elaine was sampling Red Kite Candy at the Healthy Living Market & Café in Burlington, VT. Completely by chance, they struck up a conversation and Elaine learned that Cheryl intended to start bottling cream at Kimball Brook Farm in the upcoming months. Once KBF had finalized their process, we began to use their local, organic milk and cream in our candy.

Recently, we drove out to Kimball Brook Farm to pay a visit to Cheryl and her husband and co-owner J.D. We met their cows, who were not shy to come and say moo! (You can see them here following Mike and J.D.!) Sheryl and J.D. took us around their property, showing us some of the most beautiful views in Vermont.

Last December, Kimball Brook Farm donated all the milk and cream for the winning Candy Lab flavor, Kendra’s Candy Cane Cocoa Caramel.


Core Suppliers


Kimball Brook Farm     North Ferrisburgh, VT

With roots back to the 1700’s, this 220-cow certified organic dairy farm supplies us with the majority of our milk & cream that is crucial to achieving our signature smoothness. Their friendly cows we’ve spent time with are Holsteins, Jerseys, and Jersey-Holstein crosses.

Strafford Organic Creamery     Strafford, VT

A short drive from our home where we began making our candy, this single-family organic farm has 600-acres for their pampered herd of 50 Guernsey cows to roam and relax. 



Suzanne’s Specialties     New Brunswick, NJ

Suzanne’s Specialties produces vegan and organic sweeteners made from minimally-refined grains that retain maximal amounts of their original colors, oils, and micronutrients.



Vermont Creamery     Websterville, VT

A certified B-corp, Vermont Creamery crafts the award-winning, rBGH-free, European-style cultured butter that helps give our candy its smooth texture. Driven by the French concept of terroir (“taste of place”), Vermont Creamery produces dairy that truly and proudly reflects the unique land and people of Vermont.



Fifield’s Syrup     Thetford Center, VT

We’re lucky to live in Vermont, where getting the finest maple syrup on the planet is as simple as turning on the tap. In this case, the sugar tap. While we don’t make syrup ourselves, our Vermont-style neighbors at Fifield’s Sugar House do, and their dark robust Grade melts in perfectly to give our Maple Caramels their rich, authentic character.



Guérande, France

Dating prior to the 9th century, the salt marches of the mideval town Guérande are a French Site remarquable du goût, or as we might say, an officially recognized site of French culinary importance. The salt from Guérande is so pure, it does not need any rinsing, refining, or other human touches. 



Bremner Farms     Chico, CA

Family-run and partially solar-powered, Bremner Farms is situated along the Sacramento River, which provides them with ideal growing conditions for their crops. We roast, then sprinkle their organic, raw, unpasteurized almonds over our toffee. 



Green Valley Pecan Company     Sahuarita, AZ

Pecans need plenty of sunshine and good soil, and the Santa Cruz Valley in southern Arizona has plenty of it. A leader in farming innovation, GVPC gets us our delicious, non-GMO organic pecans without wasting resources.

Northern Missouri Pecan Growers     Nevada, MO

Northern Missouri Pecan Growers supply us with organic American Native pecans grown sustainably on completely wild, ungrafted or cloned trees with plenty of squirrels. 



Callebaut     Wieze, Belgium

On top of simply being irresistible Belgian chocolate, all sales of Callebaut benefit the Cocoa Horizons project, which leads strategic, responsible farming and community projects in Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana and Tanzania. 



Itajá     Goianésia, Brazil

Grown in the Tropical Savannah climate region of Brazil, which is ideal for sugar cultivation, Itajá provides us with 100% organic sugar with numerous internationally-recognized quality certifications.