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We'll start making it and ship it to you fresh from our kitchen complete with a handwritten notecard and tracking information.

Locals please note that the doors to our Bradford location are closed due to COVID-19.

Because we never use anything artificial, our candy should generally be treated like other fresh, natural foods.

We recommend freezing any caramels you won't eat within a week. Otherwise, you can freeze them for a few months. Please allow them to thaw completely!

A cool, dry place will keep your toffee fresh for around two months. While not ideal, you may refrigerate it. Do not freeze.

Feel free to ask us about special edition candies here

Eating candy beyond the freshness date won't hurt you.

But, since our candy is made to be eaten fresh, you can lose a lot of the signature taste and quality. Caramels that have been sitting around for longer than a week really need to be frozen to maintain their quality. Other candies are likely just fine, especially anything fully coated in chocolate.

Each product page has specific ingredients listed. If there is ever a dispute between packaging and online, online is correct.

All of our standard, year-round products are currently gluten free, except for the cake in our Birthday Boxes

Of course, you can always ask us if you aren't sure of something.

Unfortunately, no. The customs process makes it quite difficult for us to ship outside the US.

The red kite symbolizes our founder Elaine’s favorite childhood memory of flying kites. It's a symbol of what we live by—just enjoying the little things.