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Where can I buy Red Kite Candy?

Just click here! We'll get to work making it and ship it to you fresh from our kitchen complete with a handwritten notecard and tracking information.

The only other location with our full selection is our Candy Shop & Kitchen at

226 Industrial Dr
Bradford, VT 05033
(802) 449-3400

New Englanders can find Red Kite Candy in some Whole Foods and local co-ops, especially in the Upper Valley region of VT and NH. To find out what's in stock, or to request Red Kite Candy, please contact individual stores.

How should I store my candy? 

Because we never use anything artificial, all of our candies should be treated like other fresh, natural foods.

Caramels - We recommend freezing any caramels you won't eat within a week. Otherwise, a low-humidity, room-temperature location or the refrigerator will keep them fresh for about a week. In the freezer they’ll be good for several months. Please allow them to thaw completely to experience their signature softness! In all locations, the more air-tight the container, the better.

Toffee - A cool, dry place will keep your toffee fresh for around two months. While not ideal, you may refrigerate it. Do not freeze.

I have a dietary restriction. What can I order?

For your convenience and safety, we have tagged and sorted each of our products according to common dietary categories. Each product page also has specific ingredients listed. If there is ever a dispute between packaging and online, online is correct. 

All of our products are gluten free unless it is a wheat-based flavor (such as Bourbon Sea Salt Caramels). These products are explicitly marked.

Don’t hesitate to call (802-449-3400), email, or reach out to us on social media.

Is your candy safe for my teeth?

Our caramels are completely melt-in-your-mouth! We receive loads of comments on how friendly they are to teeth. Our toffee, however, is intentionally crunchy and could pose a problem for those with dental work.

Why the name Red Kite Candy?

The red kite symbolizes our founder Elaine’s childhood memory of flying kites. It evokes feelings of what we live by: fun, freedom, and soaring above the ordinary.