** Not shipping chocolate products due to warm temperatures (caramels are fine) **



FREE shipping on orders over $75.
(Please note that an order is per shipping address, not total spent).

$6.99 flat rate - New England & New York
$8.99 flat rate - rest of USA

Outside the holiday season, most orders ship out within 2 business days. Once it goes out, it could arrive within 1 business day (Boston area) or up to 3 business days (rural or very far from New England).

Certain factors that can delay shipping include:
- when in the week you ordered (we do not allow candy to melt in warm warehouses over the weekend)
- the variety of your candies (wide array of specialty items)
- the Holiday rush
- bad weather

If you think your order should have shipped, and you didn't receive an email with tracking info, email info@redkitecandy.com and let us know.

You can tell us to delay shipment in the note field on the Cart page!

Just let us know approximately when you’d like it, and we’ll adjust shipping on our end.

There is always a chance your package could arrive early.


Right here! Just click through the menu above for our full selection.

We'll start making it and ship it to you fresh from our kitchen complete with a handwritten notecard and tracking information.

We also have a candy store at:

5 South Street
Hanover, NH 03755

Of course! We pack orders gently and snug, with subtle packing paper and our tasteful kite tissue paper.

We don’t include any plastics like bubble wrap or packing peanuts. When your recipient opens their box, they will see your notecard and the nice tissue paper.

There is never any mention of price. (You will always receive a confirmation email, which is your receipt).

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer international shipping.

Our caramels are generally not at peak freshness when shipped abroad. However, many of our customers do include other candies in their own international shipments.

Freshness & Diet

We never use any artificial preservatives, so your candy will be best when eaten fresh.

We recommend freezing any caramels you won't eat within a week. In the freezer, they'll last a few months.

Refrigerating or freezing chocolate diminishes its quality. Simply keep it in a cool, dry place.

Most other products will do fine for a few weeks in a cool, dry place.

Eating candy beyond peak freshness won't hurt you.

But, since our candy is made to be eaten fresh, you can lose a lot of the signature taste and quality. Caramels that have been sitting around for longer than a week really need to be frozen to maintain the quality we guarantee at purchase.

Other candies are likely just fine, especially anything fully coated in chocolate.

Each product page has specific ingredients listed. If there is ever a dispute between packaging and online, online is correct.

All of our standard, year-round products are currently gluten-free, except for the cake in our Birthday Boxes.

Of course, you can always ask us if you aren't sure of something particular.