** Not shipping chocolate products due to warm temperatures (caramels are fine) **


Party Size Caramels

Size: 2 lbs. (~80 pcs.)
Flavor: Original

Whether you’re sharing with a group or just stocking up, Party-Size Caramels come ready to display in a beautiful bowl or to hide away in your freezer. (Just keep these sealed in their own bag, tucked in an empty frozen vegetable bag, and no one will find them but you!)

- Plastic-free. The bag is compostable!
- Freeze what you don’t eat within about a week. We don’t use artificial preservatives!

- All caramels are gluten-free.
- All caramels have dairy.
- Caramels with nuts are made at the end of the day to limit cross-contamination, however, we do use the same equipment. Please use your own discretion.

Our base caramel contains:
milk, sugar, brown rice syrup, cream, butter, sea salt, baking soda

Additions include:

Sea Salt - fleur de sel (sea salt)
Maple - pure maple syrup
Chocolate Sea Salt - dark chocolate (which contains, in addition to ingredients already listed: cocoa butter, soy lecithin, vanilla)
Pecan - pecans
Salted Maple Pecan - sea salt, pure maple syrup, pecans
French Toast - cinnamon, vanilla, pure maple syrup

- all orders over $75

New England and New York: $6.99
Everywhere else in the U.S: $8.99
All orders come nicely packaged with little kite-patterned tissue paper, and never any packing slips, price tags, or peanuts. As the purchaser, you still receive financial information in your confirmation email, which is your receipt.
We are happy to answer any other questions! Please email us at info@redkitecandy.com.

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