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Maple Caramels


When you think of Vermont, you probably think of maple syrup, which is why introducing this flavor was a no-brainer. It’s the perfect gift for someone who might like a bit of Vermont, or for yourself if you just can’t get enough maple.

Made from pure, Dark, Robust grade maple syrup from our syrup guy down the road (yes, this is a real thing in Vermont), these are perhaps our smoothest caramels. They do not have an overwhelming sweetness like some maple candies—they’re a true caramel with a delicious, authentic maple accent.

milk, brown rice syrup*, cream, maple syrup, sugar, butter, sea salt, baking soda

We use only hormone-free dairy.

Contains: Milk. Made in a facility that uses soy and tree nuts.

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    - medium and large Birthday Boxes

    New England and New York: $4.99
    Everywhere else in the U.S: $6.99


    The majority of orders ship out within 2 business days, sometimes even that same afternoon.

    To avoid sacrificing quality or other issues, certain factors may slightly delay shipping, including:

    - when in the week you ordered (we do not allow candy to melt in warm warehouses over the weekend on their way to you)
    - the variety of your candies (limited edition, wide array of specialty items)
    - the Holiday rush
    - bad weather (high humidity, severe snowstorms)

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