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Vermont Foodbank

We're especially excited to be partnering with Vermont Foodbank for our holiday edition of Candy Lab. They're a remarkably dedicated and effective organization, able to produce a meal for well under $1 by leveraging excess food from farmers, food producers, retailers and a strong group of volunteers. Through innovative distribution programs they've been able to serve over 150,000 Vermonters this past year.

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About Candy Lab

Every other month, Red Kite Candy partners with a special group of people that are inspiring others in innovative ways.

Reaching out to our respective communities (that's you!), we ask for a delicious new candy idea, spend the next few weeks making it, then offer it to you for a (very) limited time. 100% of profits go to our partner. This is what we call 'Candy Lab'. If you want to know more about how it works, take a look here - and join us!

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