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“These are amazing. The flavor and texture are the best I have ever tried. We bring the maple caramels as gifts from Vermont and they are universally loved. The pops of sea salt in the salted ones are delicious, and the toffees are a nice, crackly texture with excellent quality chocolate."
- Nicole L.

"I ordered one of your Samplers. I just love the note about freezing the caramels if they won't be eaten within 7 days. I guarantee you they won't last two days, let alone 7 days. You make the most mouth watering candies I've ever had the pleasure to consume. Yours is the only candy that I eat."
- Stephen D.

"These will melt in your mouth. I never even liked caramel before I tried Red Kite's and now I crave them. My favorites are the Chai and the Maple." 
- Lauren M.

"I bought just one caramel at the cash register of a store as I was checking out. Not the Red Kite Candy store itself. Did not eat it until I was down the road a bit and wished I could go back and buy lots more. I will mail order them from California just so I can continue to have the best caramel." 
- Claire H.

"My wife and I came on vacation to Vermont and my daughter brought us to your factory. We bought some of the Sea Salt Caramels and brought them home with us. Everyone that we gave them to swore they were the best that they had ever tasted that they melted in their mouth. We're going to be ordering a bunch to give as Christmas gifts this year. Keep up the good work."
- Terry W.

"Okay so I am not a big fan of Caramels but THESE?!?! They're absolutely amazing! I got them as a Christmas gift from my old job and I mean they're so soft and the taste and texture is just PERFECT. The salt adds an even better taste! I 100% recommend you giving these a taste."
- Destiny S.

"To the wonderful people at Red Kite Candy,
Today I received my spectacular caramels, the Bourbon Sea Salt ones with proceeds going to Casting for Recovery. I opened the beautifully packaged caramels with the hand written note and thought about how much time and effort you put into this amazing endeavor. As you can see from the attached photo, which popped up on my newsfeed the same day I received the caramels, I was fortunate enough, 5 years ago, to attend a CFR retreat and continue my survivor status 8 years later. As a pastry chef myself, I know that this project took far more time and effort than most can imagine. I applaud your efforts, the caramels are scrumptious and I look forward to future endeavors and collaborations with worthwhile causes like this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."
- Louise N.

"Red Kite Maple Caramels sit right next to our cash register and when visitors ask how good they are I tell them I eat about 3 every day....more if its a stressful day."
- Betsy L.

"Soft as a baby's bottom caramel! It is honestly the BEST I have ever eaten.”
- Jessica H.

"The Maple Caramels are so obscenely good, I blush when I eat them."
- Cathy V.

“We were on vacation in Vermont last October, and visiting Red Kite Candy was high on my to-do list. I had read about their caramels, and company in a few national write-ups over the past few years.

1. I LOVE caramels, and not many get it right anymore. Red Kite does! Copper kettles, small batch — phenomenal.

2. I have an interest in, and an ultimate respect for family owned businesses. The passion shows!

The second I opened the front door, I felt welcomed. You can feel the care and love. First off — the packaging is adorable! The owner herself (Elaine) assisted me, and we wound up having an amazingly informative chat. I appreciate the time she spent with me!
I’ve told everyone I know about Red Kite, and will keep ordering them online until I can visit again!
Thank you for sharing your little corner of sunshine with the world! You’ve created an amazing business!” 
- Ginger S.

“Tried the caramels recently at a conference in Boston! SO EXCELLENT! Just placed an online order so I can share them with family and my staff in South Dakota!"
- Jessica C.

“Best caramels EVER. The customer service is outstanding as well.”
- Turo T.

“A little over a year ago, Red Kite Candy opened their doors in Bradford, VT. My husband Tom, slipped my name into a drawing for a year's worth of caramels. I had no idea until Elaine contacted me to tell me I had won! Red Kite Candy is simply edible heaven.

Over the last year, we have shared our bounty with friends on both coasts and as many states as we could in between. It's hard to have a favorite flavor, but Chai is pretty spectacular, but then there's Pecan and well.... they're all incredible. What makes this candy even more remarkable is the love that is poured into every single piece.
Elaine took her dream and made it come true with the help of her loving partner and husband, her supportive children and a small Vermont town that is happy to call her our own. Thank you for the sweetest year!” 
- Karen F.

“When I first popped it in my mouth and the divine flavors began to have their way with my taste buds, time stood still, the planets aligned, and for one brief moment I thought world peace could be achieved if everyone on Earth ate a Red Kite caramel in unison…(I still think that, actually).

OMG! So, so glad we took the long way back from Maine through Vermont instead of the shorter way via i95 SPECIFICALLY because of your salted caramels!!! Here I am, back in NY, looking sadly at the last of your caramels in my goodie stash (thankfully I bought several at our gas stop), and celebrating the fact that I found you via google by entering "Vermont salted caramel red wrapper" in my search engine!” 
- Leslie B.

“It was the kind of thing that made me close my eyes and deliberately slow down from the very first bite straight through to that happy littler savoring experience at the end, eyes still closed.”
- Amy B.