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When Isidro Rodriguez walked into our shop in Bradford, VT, I wasn't certain who our next Candy Lab partner was going to be. 5 minutes later, I did.

Years ago, working in the kitchen of his local elementary school, Isidro saw kids being turned away from hot lunches for having negative account balances. Although they didn't go hungry -- they got cold sandwiches instead -- he felt their embarrassment and isolation. Kids are perceptive, and everyone knew who got turned away from the hot lunch line.

Seeing an opportunity, Isidro set about correcting what he saw as an injustice. Using his own ingredients from home, Isidro began making gourmet pizzas for the teachers on Fridays. He anonymously took the money he raised and used it to pay off the negative lunch balance of any child that came through the line -- right then and there -- so they could eat a hot lunch. The gourmet pizzas were a big hit, allowing him to pay off dozens of balances. Isidro left the school system years ago, but he never forgot the kids or their needs.

Step forward to the present, and he's at it again. Isidro is in the process of turning his startup - FOOD4KIDS - into a (501(c)(3)) non-profit with plans to go far beyond New Hampshire, where he currently operates. He recently completed an auction of local goods & services and raised several thousand dollars, every penny going to the schools. He's off to a great start and now he's teaming with us on this Candy Lab.  We're thrilled to bring his passion to the Candy Lab community!

About Candy Lab

Several times a year, Red Kite Candy partners with a special person that's inspiring others in innovative ways.

We're going to tell their story and ask our community (that's you!) for a new candy idea that we'll make and offer for a (very) limited time. 100% of profits will go to our partner to advance their work. This is Candy Lab.

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