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Candy Makers

Elaine McCabe


The founder and co-owner of Red Kite Candy, Elaine can be seen around the shop making candy, tying ribbons, and chatting with customers. Originally from Ohio, Elaine always dreamed of someday being able to live in Vermont. Besides making people happy with candy, her favorite things are family, gardening, and her nightly popcorn. | 802-449-3400


Mike McCabe


Also originally from Ohio, Mike is Elaine’s husband and co-owner of Red Kite. Whether it’s science, woodworking, or candy making, Mike brings his knack for precision into everything. He also loves his family, as well as Buckeye football, cycling, and the crisp Vermont Fall. | 802-449-3400



Elaine and Mike’s daughter, Caila manages the brand, often runs the shop, and drives Peppino, our 1970 Fiat 500L. A product of moving around the country, Caila likes to bring influences to Vermont from all over. She loves cultures and languages, her Arizona Wildcats, and binge-watching The Office. | 802-449-3400