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September 17, 2017

I will admit, at the beginning of this Candy Lab I was a little worried about what candy ideas would come rolling in. With Casting for Recovery as our partner, should we expect Fish Oil-Infused Caramels? Fish ’n Chips? As it turns out, we didn’t have a single bad suggestion. The one fishy suggestion - Swedish Fish and Red Kite Caramel - actually sounded pretty good! We may end up trying that one out.

In total, our first-ever Candy Lab yielded 75 different candy ideas. We saw suggestions including thyme, cayenne pepper, bacon, pretzels, and even green chilis! You all left us a lot to consider, so don’t be surprised if you hear back from us, as we may want to borrow your idea for a limited-run candy. As most of you know though, when the votes came in it was Mary Allen-Lloyd’s Bourbon Sea Salt Caramels that won the shot at reality this time around. Looking at your submissions, this is hardly a surprise as they included six different types of alcohol, including two types of liquor, (bourbon/whiskey and rum). Point taken! 


After two weeks of stirring, pouring, bubbling, and the best — sampling Mary’s caramel, we have learned a lot. Namely,

if you really want some bourbon, pour yourself a glass.

Getting a good, bourbon flavor in a caramel is more complicated than just pouring it in. The bourbon SILO Distillery has so nicely donated is wonderful, but carrying these flavors over to the caramels has been a big challenge. We’ve been experimenting constantly, even going back to the grains themselves, roasting, extracting and finally infusing the caramels. It's all very fascinating and we're not at all sure what the final recipe will be.

At the same time we've been working on the custom artwork that will adorn each box of Mary's caramels and we’ll have a picture to show you all shortly. 

Now back to eating, er, testing and perfecting that bourbon flavor. Only two more weeks until you get to try some too!