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About Us





Behind the name of Red Kite Candy is my favorite childhood memory. After waiting all winter until the snow finally melted and it was just warm enough to play outside, my older brother Stan and I used to rush to buy 29 cent kites at the corner store in Richmond, Indiana. I remember him putting his kite aside to help me construct my own, making kite tails out of an old sheet, and getting my kite up in the sky before his. In those moments when we stood in our field together shouting encouragements at our kites and bundling up against the blustery wind, I felt so happy to have my brother there playing with me and making sure my kite would fly. We stood there for hours facing the Eastern sky, Stan with his box kite, and me with my scarf, little white Keds, and my soaring red kite.

In December of 1991, Stan passed away, and in 2007, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Reflecting on these events during a radiation appointment convinced me of exactly what I wanted to do when I recovered. I wanted to turn my tradition of making holiday candy into a business. In 2009, I founded Red Kite Candy in honor of my brother, and in hopes that you'll be able to taste a bit of your childhood too.

Elaine McCabe,

Founder of Red Kite Candy 



Our Commitment to the Environment

Red Kite is always on the lookout for materials and methods that are gentler to the environment. Our cello bags are made from compostable, plant-based material, inks are all soy-based and we use recycled post-consumer content whenever possible. These materials may cost a bit more, but we think they're worth it. We're fortunate to be able to locally source all of our milk, cream, butter, eggs, maple syrup and honey to avoid the energy impact of unnecessary transportation from faraway places.







The Newyork Times Good Food Award 2015 Yankee New England